Monday, April 11, 2011

Monster's New Scooter

Well, this scooter was supposed to be for Easter. Monster found the scooter in the back of the van, of course. What could I do at that point but to give it to him? He had so much fun riding it with his new scary helmet on. He's way too cute!

The Boys

Athlete and Monster had to go outside. They had cabin fever and I couldn't hold them in anymore. Thank God it was a nice day out, even though there was still snow on the ground.


Here's some shots of Athlete and his friends this year at the Bomber's Spring Hockey season. They had so much fun. It's amazing that this time last year he didn't even know how to skate.

Christmas Tree Farm 2010

We went on our traditional family tree cutting this year. My husband decides to go on the wrong side of the tree farm. We never go on that side! He is breaking the tradition! The boys still had a great time running around and looking for the perfect tree.